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We are a Internet Marketing Company with a strong focus on analytics & offer innovative Internet Marketing Solutions designed to drive traffic/visitors to your website.

Our Story & Work

We specialise in technical and strategic SEO and Google Adwords solutions. Our team offers tailored strategic advice based on business intelligence which goes beyond standard data sets. Absoltz focus is geared towards maximum impact and speed, delivering quick ROI.
We at Absoltz – understand that it’s not the tools rather the analytical approach & understanding of the product & services that makes marketing campaign a success & yield the desired results.

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About Absoltz Team
Internet Marketing Company
Extensive Keyword Research

At Absoltz ,we are stretching our hands towards you to collaborate with keywords opportunities that your competitors are yet to find.

Digital Marketing Agency

Remarketing campaign helps re-gain the attention of past visitors to your website, we like it so much that all our SEO Campaigns come with FREE Remarketing

Responsive Web Design

Imagine what a Faster Website, with a lower bounce rate, adaptive across various platforms, providing a better user experience will do to your business?

Online Marketing Agency
Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time data monitoring & analytics helps our clients make better business decisions, it also helps to find out what’s happening right now and investigate deeper.

Passionate About Our Work

SEO Experts

In-House SEO Marketing Experts team that helps businesses get Top Ranking in Search Results

Content Marketing

Professional content writers that help us formulate digital content marketing strategies to get targeted traffic to website.

Google Adwords

Highly targeted advertising for your website that is placed at prominent positions, of the search engines page.

Social Media Marketing

Achieving targeted customers attention present on different social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Identifying the goal/conversion of your website,then designing a campaign suiting customer needs.


The biggest advantage of remarketing is that you’re only showing your ad to people who are truly interested in your product

Quality Skills

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Passionate About Our Work

Our Team


Ricky Makan

Digital Strategist

With a desire for improvement, Ricky is continuously seeking ways to push digital boundaries. He thrives working alongside a team of proficient performers that constantly raise the bar of possibility.



SEO Analyst

As an experience SEO Analyst, Michelle is highly personable and compassionate towards the projects she leads. She endeavors to take an absolute approach when tailoring a solution for a client that is efficient and of value for her team and clients.



Content Manager

With a passion for the knack of language and a skill for crafting convincing copy, Pav aims to encourage the world with words. Leading a team of talented writers, Pav is dedicated to turn little ideas into big realities

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