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Restaurant – Social Media Marketing Case Study

Absoltz Internet Marketing / Restaurant – Social Media Marketing Case Study
SMM Case Study

Project Challenges

Our client is an authentic Japanese restaurant in Pyrmont Sydney. The food, atmosphere, and staff are fantastic, which has led to relationships with many loyal customers. Like most restaurants and SMEs, they didn’t have enough resources or social media knowledge to manage it on their own, therefore they approached Absoltz to build & manage their social presence.

The goal of the campaign was to develop the core competency and provide locals with an authentic taste of Japanese Cuisines in Pyrmont, Sydney.

The challenges were threefold

  • Build a long-term positive connection with the Japanese cuisine lovers, leveraging content and connect with fans through their food and services.
  • Determine the effectiveness of their existing campaigns
  • A holistic digital approach to position themselves in the marketplace

About the Campaign

The major channels to knock there proficiency involved Facebook and Instagram.

Absoltz proposed a social media engagement plan to correct the course in terms of the brand messaging and how people perceive the restaurant.

Absoltz saw an opportunity to knock into their potential as “Japanese twist”, which served as the foundation of all messaging across both organic and paid social media.

A content plan was designed and executed to improve the social media reputation. The Facebook strategy was implemented targeting local audience and interacting with people around Pyrmont where the restaurant is headquartered.

From industry analysis to target marketing and creative development for the campaign launch and optimization, Absoltz drove everything to marketplace

Results & Benefits

Increased Exposure/Branding and Trackable ROI: Consistent content, targeted Instagram and Facebook Following/Engagement, and optimized social channels meant that more people in their target location heard about the restaurant.

Absoltz were able to grow their Facebook and Instagram followers’ base by a substantial 79% and 85% respectively. That revenue has continued to increase in line with all the social media efforts.