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Resposnive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

At Absoltz we design professional & fully responsive website design, we understand the importance of a website , from being your online presence it is also a silent salesman working 24/7. While SEO is all about getting traffic to your website, responsive website design is about making sure the customers stay there, no matter what platform they’re viewing it on. When potential customers come to your site, the way it has been set out will have a large impact on whether they decide to continue with your services or not.

Advantages of Responsive Website Design

Flexible – Responsive website design sites are fluid meaning the content moves freely across all screen resolutions

Cost effective – Single site conforms to all devices

Google recommends responsive websites

Responsive websites are Easy to manage

Increases sales & conversion rates


It is vital to make a website mobile friendly( ie. Responsive Website Design), people want the best experience possible when they are on a website, so it’s sensible to create a functional cross-platform experience which in turn increases conversion rates. At Absoltz we have an expert in-house team of website designers who design and built responsive websites. A good website helps you duplicate your time and increase your sales without any extra effort.