Local SEO is a digital marketing strategy that focusses on ranking your business locally in google searches.

Any business that has a physical location can benefit from Local SEO as your visibility is increased and you attract more business locally.

Fact is that 4 out of 5 people use Google Search and Maps to find local information. Most of the online searches in today’s world are location specific so local searches are increasing and helping to skyrocket your online business. For example, somebody looking for a plumber in Macquarie park can search – “Plumber in Macquarie Park” or “Plumber in 2113” (using postcode), another example may be searching for Local SEO company – “Local SEO Company in Macquarie Park” or “Local SEO Company 2113″ (using postcode). By doing this you are making your searches location specific and telling Google to show results for those services within that area.

Also, the other reason for increased local SEO searches is the use of Mobile phones when searching for products and services. If you have noticed Google always shows the Google Local Pack at the top of the search results to show the top 3 local businesses relating to the search results. It also shows their information like phone number, location, reviews etc.

Local SEO is a powerful Digital Marketing strategy that will help you gain a local audience and increased visitors. Local SEO strategy helps you to outrank your competitors and rule your niche in local searches.

If you want your business to take advantage of Local SEO then Absoltz can help you achieve that ranking in your local search pack.