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RTO Background

Prospective students are a lot like customers facing a major purchase. After all, investing time and money in a new qualification can have significant implications for their professional life. And just like those customers, students base their course decisions after a comprehensive assessment of available information.

Successful RTOs capitalise on this by reaching out and connecting with prospective students, guiding them along their buyer’s journey. Relevant content helps them make an informed decision.

With years of experience in the industry, I can say with confidence that inbound marketing truly shines as the go-to marketing strategy for RTOs to nurture prospects and boost enrolments. In this blog post, I’ll go into detail about why an inbound marketing strategy can benefit your RTO, as well as outline the most effective tools and resources.

RTO Digital Marketing


In this competitive world of RTO’s, need a multi-channel digital strategy that targets the right students (Australian & International) and grows conversions with increased enrolments for their courses.

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Registered Training Organistaion RTO Digital Startegy

Define Goals for Digital Marketing Strategy

Before you proceed any further the first and most important step for RTO Digital Marketing is clearly identify your short-term and long-term objectives.  Define the results that would like to achieve using digital marketing initiatives.

Goals could be:

  • Total number of conversions from email marketing / social traffic
  • Total number of social shares and page likes
  • Total number of RTO’s mention on social sites
  • Client reviews received on Google
  • Website Optimisation – clear CTA
  • Working with the CRM
  • Define workflows – to automate marketing & sales processes

The advantage of digital marketing is you can see how effective your digital strategy is and identify if you are on the right path from the feedback and results achieved.

Establish Budget

It is very important to have a budget from the start so that you know the cost associated with different channels- SEO, PPC, Social Media Strategy, Social Advertising, Content, CRM, Marketing Automation and Email Marketing.

Audit Existing Digital Channels

It is very important to analyse the past and see what you are already doing in regards to digital marketing channels. Understanding where you have experienced success in past? what worked and what didn’t work can play an important role in the success and failure of your digital strategy.

Marketing Persona Outlines

The purpose of persona is to make your website and online communications more customer-centred / less company or product-centred by selecting defined target audiences to appeal to.

A Sample Persona for RTO might look like this:

Copy of Three Column Table Concept Map 1

Inbound Methodology for RTO

Attract – Turn Strangers into Visitors

The attract phase involves bringing new visitors to your website.¬† Some of the techniques used in the attract phase will be –

Absoltz implements a strong Content Strategy for RTO, we publish regular blogs for the college and also used techniques to market the published content on the right platforms to attract more visitors to the website. We created targeted content to attract an ideal audience.

Optimised website using SEO Strategies. SEO included technical optimisation and on-page optimisation. Also worked on the Google My Business Profile for the college as well as local citations to improve rankings.

PPC played a key role in the attract phase of the inbound strategy. Clearly laid budgets with extensive result-oriented PPC campaigns were incorporated for RTO’s. Campaigns were closely monitored to identify which campaigns were working and returning more value.

Engage – have conversations with prospects to build relationships

After getting the right visitors to the website the next step is to engage with them and build relationships. Strategies implemented to achieve engagement were as below:

  • Call to Actions
  • Landing Pages
  • Forms
  • Contact Us Pages

We optimised the website to include a call to action at the right place in order to maximise engagement. We provided valuable content in return of contact information for example-  Course whitepapers

Convert & Close

At this stage, you want your visitors’ contact information: their email address, phone number, or some other way to contact them.

Automated workflows were designed to convert these warm leads into customers. Using Email marketing automation to reach out with relevant information at relevant times.

Some of the tools used at this stage of Buyer Lifecycle were:-

  • Email
  • Workflow
  • CRM

Email marketing also helped in shaping the digital strategy with emails designed by Absoltz that helped in every phase of the workflow designed specifically based on the buyer’s persona and the lifecycle stage of the buyer.


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Optimising Website to get organic traffic and ranking your website on keywords in Google search results page

Google Adwords

Google to advertise your business services, products online. Google offers Search, Display, shopping, video & app ads

Local SEO

Promoting your products and services to local customers/audience in the same geographical location

Social Media Marketing

Targeting social networks for brand awareness & product promotions