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Our goal as an SEO agency is that our clients see exceptional return on their investment. We will measure and demonstrate your ROI to you, so you know that you’re getting value from your money.

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We Assign an experienced SEO Expert to give your campaign a roadmap.


From start-ups to enterprises, turn to us for help. We’re trusted by them because we’ve proven ourselves time and time again, so let us do the same with you.

why work with us

SEO is no longer an individual strategy. It has considerably changed in recent years and what worked in the past is no longer effective in today’s online world. Google often changes its algorithm and each change could mean a striking drop in your search ranks. As such, every SEO approach needs to segregate your website from these risks and assure lasting traffic growth, as the changes can severely affect an ill-prepared business.

Our SEO expertise, pioneering tools and dedicated resources is what qualifies us to forecast and successfully accomplish our goals and achieve end results. As an SEO company in Macquarie park, our SEO strategies consider consumer needs, and the outline goals that need achieving. Using advanced tools, we engage in extensive, comprehensive keyword research, provide targeting recommendations, and create content that will drive searchers to engage across multiple devices, and eventually convert.

Our SEO Process

SEO Audit

Our SEO consultant carries out a deep audit on your website, competitors, and market. Based on the analysis the SEO agency Macquarie park team will craft the strategy for your website and achieve your business goals.

Custom Strategy & Goal Analysis

Taking all the information into account, we carefully plan your SEO campaign and create a budget for it. We believe that transparency is essential to successful partnerships, so we do our best to explain every element of our campaign as well as its cost.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a subtle art. The whole SEO strategy relies on choosing the right keywords and phrases that are important for any SEO campaign. Keywords should be relevant to your business but should also generate plenty of traffic, and therefore getting more sales and a better ROI. Our consultants pick the right search terms by analyzing their volume, competition and value to your website. In short, we make your customers reach you.

SEO Campaign

An SEO strategy based on your needs and goals is compiled. We start optimising your website based on the agreed plan. These changes will include making changes on-site and off-site. We will work on your campaign continuously, to keep your website on the first page of searches for your chosen keywords.

What Our Custumers say

I've managed to stay with Absoltz, for over 6 months now, and I owe it all to them

Lizzie Thompson

I was introduced to Absoltz many years ago. I see a huge benefit in my revenue and goal setting

Emma Velasquez

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