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Social Media Marketing
With Millions of Social Media users in Australia… Why would your marketing strategy start anywhere else - Ricky Makan (Founder - Absoltz Internet Marketing)

Social media with its wide reach helps businesses to target greater audiences, Absoltz Social Media Agency focuses on achieving targeted customers present on different social media networks ultimately leading to greater visibility, improved leads, lower marketing expense, Increased web traffic & brand loyalty.

Absoltz Social Media Marketing Process

SMM service
Extensive Audit
Social Media Marketing Services
Social Media Road Map & Content Calendar
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Content Production & Marketing
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Extensive Audit - Overview of your Digital Footprint

We look at your existing digital footprint to see what’s working & what’s not, the idea is to find new opportunities in this space. This initial audit lays the foundation for the whole Social Media Marketing Campaign. The report also provides key insights and recommendations & sometimes ideas for the creative concepts.

Social Media Marketing Services
Social Media Calendar Services

Social Media Road Map & Content Calendar

To ensure a structured Social Media Plan is in place, we develop a road map to deliver on the agreed objectives. A customised social media strategy for your business, based on your specific business goals and objectives.

Content Production & Marketing

To meet your strategic business objectives we produce valuable & relevant content to target audiences on various channels. Various forms of content is produced based on different platforms like strategically designed customised welcome page on Facebook, blog post, direct mail artwork, customised landing pages, infographics etc

Similar to content production, we can’t get optimum results without good placement of our well-tailored content. Placement plays a key role in delivering your brand’s content via the most appropriate and effective channels based on the campaign’s goals and objectives.

All content marketing initiatives will be continually analysed by Absoltz Internet Marketing and key insights & recommendations will be provided regularly for further discussions & continual Improvements

Content Marketing


We provide regular reporting depending on the campaign & where relevant, to assess all initiatives and ongoing social media marketing efforts against set goals and objectives from the social media strategy